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Vision And Mission

Don Bosco was an educator, writer and saint of the 19th century. He founded the organisation Salesians of Don Bosco which is now an international organisation of men who have dedicated their lives to the service of the poor and abandoned youth. The Salesians of Don Bosco has more than 2500 institutions, Youth Centers, Youth Rehabilation Hubs, Youth Hostels and Spirituality Homes. Spreading the charism in 132 countries. Today Don Bosco Tech is recognized by the Government of India as the single largest Vocational Trading Provider of the contry for youth.

We, the salesians of DB commit ourselves to the development of youth especially the poor,magnilized, and other disadvantaged sections of society in collabration with all those strive, for the realization of a new society, based on love, peace and justice

Imparting sound education to young people through an all embracing training which, while equipping them with vocational training, will take care to develop their charecter and personality thus forming honest citizens useful to the Society


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